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Warwick Evans Design is an industrial design, engineering, technology and product development consultancy based near Cambridge, England offering the full spectrum of new product design and development including concept design, feasibility studies, industrial design, ergonomics, styling, engineering, technology, prototype building and testing, rapid prototypes, production engineering and market communications.

"I am a designer, engineer, technologist, product developer and production engineer.

I have the full spectrum experience of a modern designer with an extensive international portfolio of successful projects, a global client base, extensive technical knowledge and practical hands on experience.

With all the modern design CAD and RP resources I conduct the new product design process in confidence supported by professional business planning, project management, documentation and commercial acumen". 

Form Follows Function

Printed-Light is a 3W, 25,000 hour LED table light.
It has no moving parts and is activated by a proximity sensor.
It is made using Insulated Metal Sub-strate (IMS) technology. The opto-electronics are surface mounted onto an aluminium metal printed circuit board (MPCB) which is then formed into shape. This means we can make a table, floor or wall light from the same tooling. One design, three products. This is a unique product and demonstrates our creative ideas coupled to pragmatic engineering, manufacturing and marketing.
Shortlisted for BEEA Awards 2013 and 2014.
Launched on Kickstarter 1 November 2014.
Design by Warwick Evans and Chris Cowdery.
RCD 2470245 Copyright Warwick Evans

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